Apple Hardware Test Won't Launch

Oct 17, 2016
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Hello again,

Been trying to learn Apple Hardware Test, but can't get it to launch on either of my machines, which are:

1) 2009 Macbook (Snow Leopard)
2) 2011 27inch iMac (Yosemite)

The instructions seem simple enough:
  1. Shut down your computer. Then, press the power button to turn it back on.
  2. Press and hold the D key before the gray startup screen appears.
Tried it multiple times with both machines, no workie.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I not be repeatedly slapping the Mac with a dead chicken during bootup?

Best theory I have is that Apple Hardware Test is not on these machines for some reason. Should I try to find it online and install it?

And what about the chicken??? Should I use a dead rooster instead???
Sep 17, 2014
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First, you should have been feeding your machine beef! It contains some real strong stuff. Also, as long as your machines are still working, no need to slap it with a dead animal.

Secondly, are you following the directions exactly like it says? That is, before starting AHT, be sure to disconnect all external devices except the keyboard, mouse, display, and Ethernet adapter. Also disconnect any external optical drives.

Also, as I responded once before when you made a similar post, when you press the power button, hold down the D key at the same time.

Is there a particular reason why you are running the AHT? That is, are you having a particular issue with either of your machines? As I had previously posted, when i did it with my mid 2013 13" MacBook Air (given the machine was released after June 2013, I ran Apple Diagnostics, but except for not needing to disconnect any peripherals (for which I had none connected to the machine), the procedure is the same), I held down the D key right away, and it worked fine (as expected, showed no issues).

OK, I just did this with my Mac Mini. That is, I disconnected my external speakers, my external hard drive, my external USB Hub, and the connection to my router. All I had left were the connections for the power cord, my keyboard, and my monitor. I held down the D key at the SAME time I pressed the power button, and sure enough it went to the first screen to start the tests. Once there, I pressed the start "button" on the screen (via the mouse), and it went into the tests. Took about 3 minutes to complete, and again, as expected, no issues were found.

Interesting that just about all the tests are the same ones done by Tech Tool Pro as part of my weekly disk maintenance/repair, and backup, processing.
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