Advice needed on which new Mac to buy

Oct 8, 2021
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hello Forum members, would be real grateful for advice on which iMac to buy.

Currently running an old G5 with USB connected keyboard, and Apple widescreen matte monitor circa 2001. Wildly out of date, but suits me as I have visual and mobility disabilities. The matte monitor is good for people with disturbances in their vision, and I type more accurately on a keyboard with raised keys and some resistance, as I don’t have full control of my fingers.

But I’ll have to replace it soon, already Safari doesn’t work. So, I’m considering the 2021 iMac, as it seems the screen is less reflective than on previous models. But the input options seem very limited, so I might not be able to use a USB keyboard. I also want to use an old video camera which connects with firewire.

Can anyone advise? Is the 2021 monitor really less reflective than before? Would it be possible to use a keyboard with raised keys? Is there a simple way to make sure I can continue to work with video via firewire?

It seems like the only difference between the three different price bands on the 2021 model is the number of input sockets, so is that worth the price difference?

Have also considered the 2020 models, which are still available, with more input options. But I believe the monitor screen may be more reflective? And the cost is comparable to the 2021 models, so would they be less good value?

all help appreciated!


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