Urgent...please help!!!

Aug 19, 2012
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Can somebody please advise urgently...
I backed up my entire hard-drive of my macbook pro - just prior to installing osx mountain lion.
I put everything into a folder on my desktop - then backed it up onto an external drive. Once this was done - i deleted the folder off my desktop - and following this - things started to go all weird...pages hanging, the coloured 'wheel of death' appeared for ages. So i had to employ a 'hard-boot' restart - as i had not other options.
I'm pretty sure i made copies of of files/apps/folders etc - however not so sure now as i cant even start up my laptop!!!
Can somebosy please help me urgently??!!!

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

-What exactly did you put into the folder that you copied to the external?
-Do you have another Mac you can connect the external HD to so you can check out what you copied/backed up?

Sounds like you moved some of the system files and that is why you are having trouble starting the Mac.


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