Time Machine for 2 Macs

Feb 21, 2021
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I have a MacBook and a MacPro with 2 external drives attached to the MacPro. One external drive is for "current work" while the other attached drive is strictly backup. I'd like to set the backup drive to be a backup for my MacBook internal drive, MacPro internal drive, and "current work" drive. I'm confused about the correct way to do this.

On the MacPro (connected directly to 2 external drives) should I select the backup drive for time machine and allow time machine to format it to whatever is needed. Then in order for the MacBook to see the backup drive I would need to share it from the MacPro and set it as a destination drive for time machine?

When I follow that procedure, I get 2 drive icons showing with identical names. (1 icon is the time machine icon and the other is a squiggly sign,) Why would 2 identical drives show up? I feel I did something wrong to cause this. Is it necessary for 2 identical drives to show up in order for the directly connected MacPro and remotely connected MacBook to backup to a single drive?


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