System sounds playing through built-in external microphone

Mar 30, 2017
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This problem is nearly five years old and I've yet to find a single solution.

I'm using a 2015 macbook air but the problem occurs on older macbooks as well.

My system sounds (eg. youtube videos, other people's voices if I'm in a skype/etc. call) are being played through my built-in microphone. Other people can hear videos I watch, and their own voices, which are also being played much louder than my own voice. As a result, I cannot use the built in mic to voice chat because it makes it unbearable for the other person.

I can't find anything to fix this in sound settings or in the Audio MIDI Setup. In that app as well, I see that there are "2 inputs" for the built in microphone, one of which I assume is my system sounds? But there is no way to test this or change any settings, most of them are grayed out and cannot be changed.

I didn't change any settings, this computer is nearly brand new and came with the problem. Please, does anyone have a solution or any advice.


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

That is an issue I haven't run across previously.

-Which exact models are the Macs that have the issue?
-What versions of OS X on each?
-If it is happening an older MacBooks as well, did you use the Migration Assistant to move you data to the newer Macs as you acquired them?
-What are the two inputs you see of the Built-in Microphone in Audio MIDI Setup, as there should only be one? Can you provide a screenshot?


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