Storage mystery - have checked hidden files

Feb 19, 2018
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Recently checked storage (MacBook Air Early 2014 250gb) using Disk Utility and About this Mac -> Storage -> Manage
It states 87 GB available in the former option, and 134GB available in the About this Mac option.

I also noticed in Disk Utility it states there is 45gb purgeable which semi-solves the above query.

But the real question is that in the About this Mac->Storage->Manage it state my documents folder contains 15GB, where are intact it only contains less than 1GB. I have displayed hidden files and their sizes in Terminal, and none of them explain where this 15gb stat is coming from.
The trash can is empty.

Any ideas on what to do next?

Thanks! :)

Edit: I should also add that I recently deleted a large amount of files to clean up space, this was a few boots ago though, and the trash is definitely empty. Maybe Finder is stuck somehow?
Is there a command I can use to clear all the purgeable space or reset it so it reads correctly?
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Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

-Which version of OS X/macOS?
-The Documents you see in About This Mac > Storage is all documents on the drive, not just the Documents folder. It also includes other users, if you have any.
-I doubt Finder is stuck emptying the Trash, but it has happened.

You can get a better picture of what is going on using a utility app like OmniDiskSweeper, GrandPerspective, etc.

Hope that helps,


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