SOLVED Replaced Thunderbolt Display Magsafe Cable - Screen Troubles

Nov 11, 2020
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Hello -

I need assistance. I replaced my Thunderbolt Display Magsafe Cable following these directions... It was very easy even with my inexperience. Really, the hardest part was trying to keep the screen clean when putting it back on.

But now when I connect the Thunderbolt Cable, the screen flickers and moves around like crazy and goes black randomly. The other parts of the cord and display work as expected, the USB ports connect, the camera and sound work, and the Magsafe is charging my laptop.

I know I didn't damage the logic board as when I plug in a stand alone Thunderbolt Cable to the port on the back of the display to my laptop the screen works fine, I just don't get the camera, sound, and USB ports. I tried restarting my laptop, resetting SMC, and resetting PRAM.

Before I take the screen a part again, does anyone have any advise? My cousin thinks maybe the cable wasn't pushed in all the way on the back of the logic board, but would the camera, sound, and USB still work if that was the case? Or maybe I just have a faulty replacement cable?

Thank you in advance!


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Sorry we didn't respond, but glad you have identified the issue.

Be well,


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