problem loading images/opening windows - visual memory?

Mar 28, 2011
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I am posting in this forum because my question may pertain to the OS, the internet, or the hardware, I'm not really sure. I am using a macbook pro with snow leopard.

I have a problem where I can't fully load web pages after a certain number have been loaded on my screen (I tend to have 10-20 windows open at a time, as I like to keep email etc open, and open new things I find interesting when browsing to come back to later (since I want to finish what i'm currently doing first). I don't like using tabs because I accidentally click out of them or forget which tab has what on it. At first everything was fine, but after about a year of use like this, I began to have trouble loading pages after a certain amount were already open. Images come up half way (with the other half turning grey) and then stop loading, then pages all together stop loading. The amount of pages I can have open at one time is continually decreasing, and it's down to about 3 now. I am getting worried. I probably should have asked about it sooner... So I have a few questions:

1. Is opening so many windows bad in some way?

2. Am I using up virtual memory? If yes, what does this mean and how do I get it back?

3. Is it a hardware issue (motherboard malfunctionn?)

4. If it's not any of this, do you know what it is/what I should do to fix it?

Thanks, and I hope it wasn't too confusing to read!


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