Plase Help - Email Dissappearing in Microsoft Exchange - iPhone 5 to blame?

Apr 6, 2015
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I do need some help please!
I am getting quite desperate and I have a sense that there can be actually a very simple solution. I have my work emails on too many devices - on my iPhone 5, iPad, iPad mini, Work Mac desktop and at home on my Macbook pro. For about 2 years now, but with an increased frequency in recent months, my emails tend to mysteriously disappear. What I mean it I see it, I read it on my iPhone, and the next thing the email is gone and I cant find it anywhere. I do not mean all emails, just one out of many.. This happens only if I see it first on iPhone (I think). I get a lot of emails, and it happens to about 1 in 200 emails. But usually it is the most important email, and from my contacts. I checked all, thrash, everything, nowhere to be found. I am getting a bad reputation as I am missing some emails, and my IT team thinks I have just deleted them.
It is an Microsoft Exchange account. I have multiple private accounts on my iPhone as well, but this seems to be happening (or I have noticed) only for the Microsoft Exchange.
Do any of you had a similar problem? Or know any solutions? I am thinking of not using my iPhone for emails anymore...
Many thanks
Please help!!!


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