On new Mac, I'm not authorized to play some Audible files

Mar 13, 2016
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I migrated from a Catalina iMac to a M1 Big Sur Mac. When I synchronized my iPhone to the new Mac, I got:

Some Audible files were not copied to the iPhone “Howard's iPhone 12 Pro” because you are not authorized to play them on this Mac. (I'm not getting this error synchronizing my iPad (although synchronizing errors are almost daily)).

I kind of forgot I had Audible files, and haven't listened to them since they were on iTunes. When opened Books on my iMac, I see 10 audiobooks. But I'm not finding where my audiobooks are on my iPhone( 12 Pro with IOS 14.6).

I'm guessing that I either need to add an obsolete AppleID to my iPhone that I may have bought the books on—or just delete them on my iMac to avoid this error message. Is there any way to discover what ID owns them on my iMac? Or should I just give up that changing my AppleID killed my books?


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Audible audiobooks moved to the Books app on the Mac in Catalina/Big Sur. You cane to re-authorize them with your Amazon account on a Mac from within the Books application.

There is also an Audible audiobooks & podcasts app for iOS, which may work better, since Amazon purchased Audible a while back. I haven't tried to sync or listened to any of my Audible purchases on my iOS devices for years, and they aren't listed in the Books app on my Mac. Looks like the Audible app would be the easiest way to go, as the sync may be broken because of the Amazon purchase of Audible.

I just downloaded the Audible audiobooks & podcasts app on my iPad, and all of my Audible purchases from many years ago are listed there.

Hope that helps,


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