SOLVED My MacBook Pro Not Detecting External Display

Feb 3, 2023
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I think there is a resolution issue that I have been encountering because after following this troubleshooting process, I was able to do it easily.
Go to System Preferences and select the Display option.
In the Display tab, you will have the option to select Scaled resolution.
You will need to uncheck the box that states Adjust brightness automatically and then manually adjust the brightness with the slider.

The other way I followed was
On the top menu bar, tap the Apple icon. From there, select System Preferences. After this, tap Display.
In the Resolution section, the Scaled radio button should be selected. Holding down the Option key in the Settings panel for a few seconds will allow you to view a hidden option named Detect Second Display, which will allow you to detect second monitors. To Detect Displays, once the hidden items are revealed, you need to tap the button so that Mac will begin scanning for the external monitor. You can also this troubleshooting to solve this issue if you are facing it.

If you got an easy way.. do let me know.

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