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Nov 1, 2013
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My question is similar to one recent post. I have a lot of music on iTunes which I have either purchased, gotten free off the web of ripped from my CD's. I bought a Bose SoundLink Mini and would like to bluetooth to it from my iPhone.

I guess I'm looking at both COST and HOW... but, I'm a dummy when it comes to this.

There are really a lot of megabytes involved. Possibly one course of action, if possible is to store it all in iCloud ??? If that is a possibility.. when I'm playing via my iPhone.. does this involve using data limits such as searching? I hope not... but probably does. Can these tunes be compressed so they don't take about 4+mb each? I hope so.. I'm not a stereophyle so studio quality is not important.

Other options?

The HOW is wrapped up in the above question. Any help appreciated.


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Lots to cover here, so I will give a list:
-Playing music over Bluetooth doesn't count against data, if the songs are physically stored on the iPhone.
-If all music is in the iCloud Music Library cloud, data usage is only used if on cellular network, and not on Wi-Fi.
-Storing music in the iCloud Music Library, frees up any storage on the iPhone, but requires a monthly subscription to Apple Music - $9.99/mo or $99/yr USD.
-The more you compress the songs and lower the bit rate, the lower the quality will be on playback. Anything less than about 128 kbps will start to sound bad.

So, the recommendations would be:
-Leave the song files as is.
-Only sync songs to the iPhone if you have the storage space.
-Use iCloud Music Library to keep storage space free on the iPhone, but always use Wi-Fi to stream so you don't use any cellular data.

Hope that helps a bit,


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