Moving files?

Jul 15, 2018
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I have a 12" iPad pro I picked up for drawing on and I need to take a bunch of PDFs to a job to work from but can't see how to move them to my iPad? I've been at it for a while now having struggled with one drive, icloud, Dropbox and iTunes. It all works fine as long I just want to open them but I won't be able to rely on an internet connection when I go to the location and though I've found some options in some apps they are all stuck behind a paywall.

Is there a way to simply move these PDFs to my iPad without having to pay for it?

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

-Which version of OS X/macOS?
-Which version of iOS?

You can use the iBooks app to copy PDFs to the iPad. They will be available "offline" without the need for Internet. Add the PDFs to iBooks, then when syncing, use the Books tab in iTunes.


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