Mojave Impressions, and Still Some Annoyances

Sep 17, 2014
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As most folks know, I have held off "moving" to Mojave, and until recently, had been testing it with a recently purchased external Samsung 860 EVO 500 gig SSD. But within the last 2 weeks, I have upgraded to Mojave, OS 10.14.2, on both of my Macs, and both via a clean, fresh, "virgin" OS 10.14.2 installation. My impressions so far:

1. While a somewhat smooth OS, I am seeing little, if any, speed improvement over High Sierra. Sure, the optional dark mode is "nice and sexy", but for speed purposes, I am somewhat disappointed (as most folks also know, I make a concerted effort to keep both of my Macs "lean, mean, and clean").

2. I am getting that FaceTime "sign on" message on my late 2012 Mac Mini, even though there is no camera attached to it. I had previously complained about that for my Mac Book Air, and our resident expert Cory Cooper provided instructions as to how to get rid of that pop up. But unfortunately, that method does not apply to the Mini. Can I remove that Face Time application?

3. I am also getting annoying pop up messages about using Safari. I have never used it, as I prefer Google Chrome. How can I get rid of those annoying pop ups?

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