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Dec 26, 2015
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I am making this thread in both the Mac Applications and Programming Forums because I feel as though this will have to do with both.

I was wondering if there was a way to create an icon on the desktop of a Mac to automatically open up Mail and automatically have it open up to compose a message to a specific email.

I know in windows it is very easy to do this... all you need to do is to create a new desktop shortcut and then have it run a command " mailto: (e-mail address removed) " and then what that will do is it will open windows mail and open up a new message for you to compose with that email address in the " To " spot...

really hoping there is a way to do with with apple, if there is and you know any information that can help then please feel free to type it below.

Sincerely and have a Happy New Year! :D




Jun 13, 2007
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Try this,
  • Launch Automator & choose Workflow.
  • In the left pane select Mail
  • In the right pane select "New Mail Message"
  • Drag "New Mail Message" onto the right section to build your Workflow
  • Populate the "To" field with the specific email address
  • Click on Run up the top right to test the workflow
  • If successful, choose "Save" from the File menu
  • Name the workflow & save changing File Format from "Workflow" to "Application" in the pull down menu.
  • Double-click the Automator icon to do a final check that it's working properly
I removed the other thread just to keep things compact & will move this over to the Automator Forum.

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