Macbook stuck in startup


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Nov 25, 2019
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So I finally took my macbooks out of the closet because they’ve been out of service for 2 years.

1st MAC problem: I have a 2012 MacBook Pro, 1 day I said oh cool El Capitan, let me install! Stupid as I am , I didn’t know about time machine , I went ahead to install and at the very end it said my computer wasn’t compatible( I’m guessing too old?) anyways now I’m stuck in recovery mode!

when I go to install a new installation of OS X , El Capitan is the new installation! Which won’t work! So it sounds to me like I overrided my original software? I know this MAC was upgraded to Yosemite. I don’t care what software I have as Long as it works!

coming back a year or so later I click the continue to El Capitan and immidiatley I get , “an error occurred while preparing the installation, try running again”

I have access to the internet, I can go to the menu where it shows the time machine option(which is blank :/ yes I’m dumb), the safari help( I connected to WiFi I can browse safari) , and disk utility, I did not wipe anything from my hard drive, although I will if I have to.

if I have any brain cells from what I did in the past, I’m guessing I need to get a disc of Yosemite or older or maybe even original software to install now.

I’m here asking you, if there’s any other way, as I do not have a disc of snow leopard or Yosemite just laying around, nor do I have another Mac to install the software to a usb. (I do have a Hp desktop but I’m guessing there’s no way I could install Apple software to a USB from a windows desktop? (I have some brain cells). But I actually do have another MacBook Pro which is broken as well:

Read below if you want to seek more of my never ending problems in my life , if not , please help me with the first MacBook problem, as I feel I’m closer to running the first than the second MacBook. thank u so much

2nd MacBook problem :

So you want to sit in misery with me on my other problems too now ?

my second MacBook Pro is running with a white question mark box of death @ startup .
I tried alt -r , command -r , alt command r, it seems I cannot f***** get out of this question mark lol. If there’s anything else I should try please help to do so, because if I got this MacBook running , I could install the Yosemite to a USB to fix my first MacBook problem!

I will be constantly refreshing this page, if anyone needs pictures or any information please ask! I will respond literally so fast. Your help is so greatly appreciated & I mean that! Thanks so much


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