MacBook starts much faster, when WiFi is turned Off

Feb 5, 2016
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Somehow i realized my Macbook Pro starts much, even very much faster, when just after computer wakes up i turn off WiFi. I did it couple times, because there was some reason to do it for me, but then suddenly i saw this huge difference in wakeup speed. And it makes me think abut it.

Ok, There is lot of processes, what uses the net, such as Dropbox, Skype, GoogleDrive and hundreds more, all settled up with autostart when computer starts. But they are trying to start anyway, even with turned off wi-fi ... so, this shouldn't be a reason.
I didn't spent lot of hours in experimenting, so this is actually just a guess about the problem. May be there is somebody, who knows the onions and could explain it? Is there a reason to dig in deeper and may be find out why my macbook usually starts slowly? Could it be the Macbook starts slow because of WiFi? Usually it starts with WiFi turned on, of course, and actually it restarts pretty slow.

I would like to point, that WiFi works prety well, i have not any complaints about it.

MacBook Pro 15inch Late 2012 Yosemite


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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That is an issue that I have not heard of. Wi-Fi is always slower than an Ethernet connection when performing network operations - web browsing, network file sharing, etc., but the Mac shouldn't slow down altogether. If you have all of those apps launch at startup/login, it could be slower, since they all require network access. But, once they are loaded and finished syncing, the Mac should work normally. If you have no Internet connection (Wi-Fi disabled and no wired connection, your MBP may startup faster due to the network not being available for them to connect and sync.

-How much slower are we talking?
-Are they all updated to the latest versions?
-Have you tried leaving Wi-Fi enabled and removing them from Login Items to test?


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