M1 chip MacBook Air 16/256 battery problem

Dec 14, 2022
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Hello again friends. My battery usage drops drastically. My screen time is maybe 8 hours or so. That's a terrible number. I was using Ventura. I came back to Monterey for problems with fluency and battery issues. Although performance and fluency have improved. I guess the battery issue has not been fixed unfortunately. My friend's computer has 94 battery health, it goes for 15 hours at 70% charge. My 100% cycle has been 1.5 months since the 16th. It goes for 9 hours and 10 hours on charge, my battery health is 100%. I know you all will say take it to Apple. But I can't take it because I'm studying in TRNC. I'm going to get into trouble with plane tickets and so on. Now I have a few theories that I will share with you, I hope you don't get bored... Updating ventura from settings right now. But I'm afraid that my fluency will deteriorate again... My other assumption is that maybe there was a problem because I installed it with USB boot, and downloading Montere directly from the internet while in recovery mode... Maybe it will work? Or ventura installation with USB boot... I'm very happy with the fluency right now, I only have problems with the battery. Would you recommend using it like this and taking it to Apple when I return to Istanbul in the summer? I will be glad if our information friends reply. And do you have similar problems?
(Extra note: Prior to this I had the M1 version (which was 8 GB. I was getting much better times on it).

Monterey: I'm using 12.6.1, I looked and saw that 12.6.2 has just arrived. It says bug fixes. Let's see if it solves my problem without making it worse.. But they said that there are battery problems and performance problems from a foreign source, I'm undecided.


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Apple's published battery life specs are just an estimate of maximum battery life under specific conditions, which is why it is stated as "up to". Screen and keyboard backlight brightness, connected peripherals, temperature, humidity, third-party vs Apple applications, Wi-Fi signal strength, Bluetooth usage, and your general usage - word processing, music/video streaming, etc. can all affect battery life and it's variation.

A few articles that may help:
Get help with your Mac laptop battery
10 Simple Ways to Improve Your MacBook's Battery Life

See if any of that helps,


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