Left click issues on MacBook Pro (A1502)

Dec 16, 2020
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Hey, weird issue.

The left click on my MacBook Pro (A1502) isn’t registering and I’m at my wits end after trying many different solutions:

-replaced the battery (was swollen)

-SMC and PRAM resets

-login as another user

-cleaned all the keys in case they were sticking and checking if they are being pressed using a key viewer

-disabling Bluetooth devices in case there was a conflict

-enable tap to click

-disabling trackpad when mouse is connected

The only way I can get a left click currently is by enabling mouse keys or by switching the left and right clicks around and using an external mouse. Just to clarify, using an external mouse also produces the same issue (lack of left click), and with having the trackpad disabled through options, I’ve had to assume that this is some software issue rather than a faulty trackpad.


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

You have done all the troubleshooting that I know of that should fix the issue. The only other things I can think of to try would be:
-Startup in Safe Mode - hold the Shift key, press power, keep holding Shift until you see the Apple. It will take longer to get to the Desktop, and you will see Safe Boot in red in the menu bar.
-Startup from an external drive with a fresh copy of macOS. This will eliminate any software issues that may be causing it on your internal drive.


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