Is this possible?

Dec 20, 2015
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I purchased a used ipad from a place called "backmarket." I also purchased 2 years of insurance from asurion.
This ipad is needed for communication software.
Asurion tells me that the seller is responsible for repairs, the seller is telling me that the cracked screen means that they don't have to repair it. Asurion tells me that their insurance doesn't kick in until one year past the purchase date.
I feel so angry with all of th see these folks.
I'm not now in a financial position to have the screen replaced. I really don't care that the screen is cracked. It's just that now, the communication software is unreliable.
I think that the screen might be the culprit.
The ipad belongs to my granddaughter, she uses the software called Proloquo2go.
The company has said for years now, that it will make the software android usable.
Still, nothing.
I know that was an unnecessarily long post.
I apologize. I'm just so very frustrated.
I looked up some YouTube videos on repairing it myself, but I worry that asurion will later tell me that I've voided the insurance if I repair myself. Plus to be perfectly honest, I'm no handy person.
I'll wtap this up now. Please send any suggestions or ideas you may have.
Peace to you all.


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Sorry to hear of your troubles. Is this a current or older model of iPad?

Yes, if the screen is cracked, it could be affecting the touch interface and cause problems with iOS apps and general usage of the iPad.

The screen isn't a user-replaceable component, so it is best left to those with the proper tools and/or certifications.

Unfortunately, you are in a tough spot. If the screen arrived that way, then the seller should be responsible. If it was cracked during use, then Asurion should repair it, since you purchased their insurance. Other than that, you would have to visit an Apple Store or other Apple Authorized Service Provider and pay for a repair, which could be a few hundred dollars depending on the model.


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