Internal floopy on Mac SE eject motor doesn't function

Nov 10, 2017
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Hi All, The disk on my Mac SE could not eject disks. It makes a humming noise, sort of
like trying to pass something, but nothing comes out. It Would read the floppy and load
the system. I removed both the HD and the floppy drive, separated the cage and then
tried them both alone. The HD is dead doesn't spin up or anything. After I cleaned the
floppy and then tried it, the ejector is still no go but now the drive won't even read the disk...
Just gives an X of the icon. I have another 68K mac and it can read the disk, so now I am al
a loss. Does the floppy get it's power from the drive cable? Does it need some other aspect
of the system to power it up. Obviously I need a new drive, but concerned about power.
Thanks for the help.
Brad Hansen


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