Inconsistent game lag?

Feb 13, 2015
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Hey! Recently I've been playing games on a Mac and recently installed a SSD in it. I know that it doesn't upgrade my game's speed. I Installed it for other reasons. Every single game I played with it before installing was fine. After installing it, every single game I play works super quickly for a while. After some minutes, the game starts to work slowly and after 5 more seconds, It gets super fast again for exemple, before playing installing the SSD, my Minecraft game had 50 - 100 FPS. After installing it, I got 25 - 200 FPS...
The game doesn't transition between 25 and 200 FPS. It just keeps alternating. 200 FPS when I start the game. After a a minute, It slips to 20. After 5 seconds, It goes back to 200. half a minute later, 20 FPS. (The amount of time that it stays on with 20 FPS is basically random but it starts the game with 200)

This is the SSD I installed: (It's the 240GB version. Not sure if it matters though)

The problem could be Hardware related or software as far as I am aware, but I don't really know.

Note that the problem happens to me in every game I play.

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