ICloud strange sync error

Aug 24, 2021
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Hello, I enabled iCloud Desktop & Download folder sync, and it started syncing to my 2nd Mac, but then it said it was full, so I paid to be on the iCloud 50Gb plan. Once I enabled the 50Gb of space, an error message immediately appeared that said something like "The Mac system is not able to sync right now". Why did this message appear? My internet connect is robust, both ethernet/wifi. My debit card was not rejected it was accepted and in the system settings it shows I now have 50Gb of iCloud storage. When I had only 5Gb of free iCloud storage, the sync worked OK for the "Desktop & Downloads" setting. How can I retrive this error message from the system log? What caused this error?

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

We apologize for the delayed response.

I personally don't use that function of iCloud Drive, so my suggestions are based on very limited knowledge.
  • Are both Macs on the same version of OS X/macOS?
  • Do you have enough free space on the second Mac?
  • Since you added a second Mac, does it possibly have too many files in its Desktop & Documents folders that would sync up and take you over the 50 GB allocation?
  • Has the issue resolved itself since you posted?

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