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Jul 21, 2007
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Can someone help? I need to transfer my itunes from one mac to another. how do I do it?
Hello, there's a few ways to do this-
Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive

One way to back up your iTunes Library is to consolidate your library into one folder and then copy that folder to an external hard drive. This is a painless process that only takes a few moments to accomplish.

Step 1: Consolidating Your iTunes Library

To make the move as easy as possible, it's important to make sure all of the items in your library are in one place.

Open iTunes Preferences:
Mac: From the iTunes menu, choose Preferences.
Windows: From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.

Click Advanced and then click General.

Make sure the "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" checkbox is checked.

Click OK.

Note: After you click OK, iTunes copies any music files that weren't in the iTunes Music folder, and places the copies in the folder. The original files are left in their original locations. To save space on your hard disk, you might want to delete the original files.

From the Advanced menu, choose Consolidate Library. A message appears reading: "Consolidating your library will copy all of your music into the iTunes music folder. This cannot be undone."

Click Consolidate.
Step 2: Copy iTunes folder to your external hard drive

To copy all the items in your iTunes library (including the iTunes Library file that holds all your playlists, playcounts, ratings, and other data) to your external hard drive, follow these steps:

Quit iTunes.

Locate your external hard drive.
Mac OS X: On the desktop or Finder sidebar.
Windows: In My Computer

Locate your iTunes folder:
By default, the iTunes folder is located in:
Mac OS X: /Users/username/Music
Windows: \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\
If the iTunes folder is not in the default location listed above then you can find where the iTunes folder is located by following these instructions:

Open your iTunes Preferences:
Mac: From the iTunes menu, choose Preferences.
Windows: From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.

Click Advanced and then click General.

The location of your iTunes folder will be listed in iTunes Music folder location box.

Drag the iTunes folder to your external hard drive. This can take a while if you have a lot of items.

When the transfer is complete, your iTunes Library will have been successfully copied to your external hard drive.

Or you can use a cd or dvd to do this as well-

Backing up your iTunes library to CD or DVD
You can easily back up your iTunes library, playlists, and iTunes Store purchases for safekeeping. To reduce the number of discs needed for a backup, iTunes can perform incremental backups (only items added or changed since the last backup).

To burn a DVD, your computer must have a SuperDrive. Some third-party DVD burners may also work. (For more information, click the first link below.)

To create backup CDs or DVDs:

Choose File > "Back Up to Disc" and then select your options.

Insert a blank disc (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or DVD-RW).

Click Back Up.

iTunes burns the number of items that fit on one disc, and then asks you to insert subsequent discs to continue burning the remaining files. Don't eject a disc while a backup is in progress.

To restore backed-up files, insert a backup disc, choose File > "Back Up to Disc," and then click Restore.

Programs purchased from the Audible website are not backed up.

Discs you create using the iTunes backup feature can be used only to restore; they can't be played in a CD or DVD player.

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