Help downloading split files with Macs

Apr 10, 2012
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I'm hoping someone can help me
I'm a new MacBook Pro user and I'm having problems downloading split media files

When i had pc's i knew if i wanted to downloaded the different parts (.001, .002 etc) i had to save them as "all files"
I can't find that option when i download on my MacBook ( heres a screenshot: )

When i try to download i don't change any of the file names and just downloaded them as they are.
The .001 file downloads as an AVI movie and will play with VLC player BUT
for some reason the other files are downloading as RAR Archive files (and i can't extract or play them) …now I don’t know if that’s a problem or not when joining (I don’t know enough)

Then I try to join the split files with Split&Concat but they won't join properly or play

If anyone can give me any help with this it'd be greatly appreciated
Thank You


Nov 26, 2010
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If it is a RAR set you need to download all the .rar files and open the first one with unrar, or one of the other Apps that joins rar files.

Note: I'm currently working on a GUI for simple rar and unrar ing files, so I know this quite well. I hope to have it available in 2 weeks.

If the 001 is not a part of the RAR set maybe its a sample, not sure why part one wouldn't be a part of the set???

Note: This site does not condone nor assist in the stealing of media. I don't want to get us into trouble here;-)

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