Could Firefox Malware kill my G5 hard drive?

Jan 12, 2017
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I started using Firefox on my G5 around 6 months ago.
Within weeks, my computer started having kernel panics, and sometimes not
waking up from sleep.
I continued downloading their updates, and more recently started getting
strange looking messages to restart the computer. The messages looked
amateurish, and not like anything I've seen.
I started having a problem opening the Firefox updates, and posted the problem
in the Firefox discussion forum.
After this, I received a hostile email from someone saying they were a tech
specialist, who reminded me that they "work for free."
I emailed him an apology, saying that I did intend to insult him.
The next morning, my G5 would not start.
I'm told that the hard drive is gone.
None of the shops I've tried will repair a G5.
I would be most grateful to know about any shop with the capability of repairing a G5.


Sep 17, 2014
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First, what Mac OS are you using?

Secondly, what exact Mac model do you have? And how long have you had it? Also, has the internal hard drive ever been changed?

Third, have you been making any backups to an external device?

It sounds like there is something "rogue" on your machine, maybe via a download. That will take some effort to find.

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