Batch fix .mp4 audio problem


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Jul 1, 2013
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Hey everyone!

I have a large sum of .mp4 (h.264 video with AAC stereo audio) files that need to be fixed. The problem lies with the audio, NOT the video. Each clips' audio track has a phasing issue that can be fixed manually with this process, IF the files were a basic QuickTime codec:

1. Open mov in Soundtrack Pro > Analysis> Phasing > Fix All
2. File > Save as... > Quicktime Movie > DONE

As I said before, all my files are in mp4 (h.264) codec, which is incompatible with Soundtrack Pro. I need a way to batch fix the audio track in each of these files, without having to re-encode the video track. This may require a separate Application, a custom script, or an Automator workflow... I dont know. I would be willing to pay for a program to do this for me if it means saving me hours of wasted time. Please lend me your thoughts-It would be very much appreciated! Thank you.


Note: I do not want to re-encode each video to a Quicktime codec just for fixing my audio. The video quality is poor enough already. I was hoping for an alternative solution without re-encoding video.

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