Backing up on iTunes via Wi-Fi

Mar 13, 2016
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We are thinking of getting an Apple Watch 4 for my wife's birthday. A feature we like is it's fall notification, which unfortunately won't be useful at night while the watch is being charged.

But there are recharging stands which make it easier to grab the watch whenever she gets up. Some of these recharge both the watch and the phone (her phone is a 7 Plus, so we would need to get a recharging case or other add-on).

But we like backing up our phones using iTunes on our iMacs which aren't in our bedroom. Every week or two, I temporarily switch to create a backup on iCloud, but switch back for the more complete backup on our Macs (why does Apple make this so difficult?!?!?).

If we got a wireless charger and didn't plug our phones into our Macs at night, is there a way to automatically keep full backups on our Macs?

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