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Jan 6, 2018
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I just purchased a aptv 4K and a Samsung MU8000 tv. I have all the settings in the tv as neutral as I can, no extra contrast, it has a HDR+ setting that from my understanding is an artificial type HDR, anything that would cause any added features.

On the aptv, I started out with turning on 4K HDR 60Hz and match dynamic range and frame rate. All the menus were very dim and and content I try to play was very dim. For instance, the movie "Bright" on Netflix is very dark.

I did some researching and found this article


And followed the recommendations. Setting it to 4K SDR 60Hz match dynamic range and frame rate. The menus on the aptv look normal now but when I watch the movie I mentioned, it's still very dim. But, I can turn off match dynamic range and frame rate the movie looks fine. In the article it mentioned the MU9000 had to have the settings off to deliver HDR and I'm not sure if it would apply to the 8000 series also but did the article mean turning off the match content? If so, is the content I'm trying to play reaching the tv in 4K HDR with the match content off?

I have tried two different cables, both high speed certified 4K HDR HDMI cables.

Sorry for being long winded just kinda confused at this point.

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Sorry, but I only have an Apple TV 4th Generation and a very old HD Panny plasma that doesn't support 4K, so I can't test any settings on my setup. I did read there were some incompatibilities with TVs and the new Apple TV 4K., but I believe they were with Sony.


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