applescript help move files after converting

Mar 19, 2007
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Good Day!

I quite a newbie in applescripting... I have created a script that resaves a .tif file into .eps using illustrator 10. What I want is the user will select the tiff original folder and the eps destination folder... it selects all the tif files in the original folder open it in illustrator resaves it into eps and move that eps to the destination folder. On my script the eps file staying on the original folder.

set the topLevelFolder to choose folder with prompt "Source Folder?" as string
tell application "Finder"
	set AllFiles to name of every file of folder topLevelFolder as list
end tell

set myPath to choose folder with prompt "Destination folder?" as string

tell application "Finder" to set fileName to AllFiles

tell application "Adobe Illustrator 10"
	repeat with i in AllFiles
		set OpenThisDoc to ((topLevelFolder as string) & i) as alias
		open OpenThisDoc
		if (count of documents) > 0 then
			set myInteractLevel to user interaction level
			set user interaction level to never interact
			set myPath to file path of document 1 as string
			if myPath ends with ".tif" then
					repeat with myPage from 1 to 1
						open alias myPath with options {page:myPage}
						set myNewPath to myPath
						repeat with myCharNum from (count of characters of myNewPath) to 1 by -1
							if character myCharNum of myNewPath = "." then
								if myCharNum > (count of characters of myNewPath) - 5 then set myNewPath to (text of characters 1 thru (myCharNum - 1) of myNewPath) as string
								exit repeat
							end if
						end repeat
						set myNewPath to myNewPath & ".eps"
						save document 1 in file myPath as eps
						close document 1 saving no
					end repeat
				end try
			end if
			set user interaction level to myInteractLevel
		end if
	end repeat
end tell

thanks in advance


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