Updated to Sierra now macbook is totally unusable

Apr 19, 2014
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On one of my Macbook pros I did the sierra update. Now it went crazy,has horizontal lines going up and down, ouse is uncontrollable and computer is completely uncontrollable.

How do I roll it back to the previous OS????



Nov 14, 2012
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You said rollback not reinstall so here the whole procedure.

  1. Erase macOS Sierra through Disk Utility.
  2. Reinstall OS X El Capitan.
  3. Restoring data from El Capitan Time Machine Backup.
(B) Arias Sierra
  1. Click on Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen and select Restart.
  2. Hold down Command + R when your Mac restarts.
  3. Select Disk Utility from OS X utilities.
  4. Select your Mac Sierra startup disk and click erase.
(C) Now to reinstall El Capitan

  1. Restart your Mac again and use Command +R to open OS X utilities.
  2. Select Reinstall OS X.
  3. Click continue on OS X El Capitan Installer.
  4. Proceed with the installation.
(D) If you want to restore data from Time Machine Backup

  1. Select Time Machine Backup from OS X utilities.
  2. Click “Restore” option.
  3. Click “Continue” when “Restore Your System” window appears.
  4. Choose your Time Machine Backup.
  5. If there are multiple backups, choose the most recent one.
Please let us know you things go.

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