Unable to back up iPhone

Jan 12, 2022
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I have a new iPhone and need to backup in order to restore data to the new phone.

My phone will not back up (last successful backup Nov 2020 to iCloud). Apple support made various suggestions; however, none were successful. They believe this is because the software on my phone needs updating.

Photos are backed up in iCloud where I have a large amount of storage available. My phone also has nearly half its storage available. The concern is losing my text messages.

Apple are concerned if I update the software on my phone which may fix the backup issue, that there is a slight chance I may lose all of my data in the process. They suggested I screenshot my text messages. As you can appreciate, this would take a great deal of time, and isn't really ideal for storage, and retrieving in future.

I have tried a few third party app's that access and extract data, in order to save all my text messages and what's app messages to date in a readable format. Then I can attempt the software update on my phone with no risk of losing messages.

Unfortunately, this was not successful either. The diagnostic log showed the backup process is failing due to a corrupt voicemail, stat error: Device error (83) at path \"/.ba/mobile/Library/Voicemail/318.amr\”. I was told "The issue is on the iPhone itself. iOS fails to access one of your voicemails to back it up, and then the BackupAgent process stalls." I archived and deleted all voicemails, and the app's still failed.

I'm now told "it looks like an error coming back from the phone’s backup system".

I've also been told that the apps are unable to access and extract data from an iCloud backup, only iTunes backup, which I don't have.

I am desperate to resolve this asap and would be very grateful for any advice. Thanks.

Current phone: iPhone SE, iOS 14


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

If Apple Support cannot solve it, I doubt there is much we can offer in addition.

There is an application called iMazing that does backups that may save your messages, but it is not guaranteed.

Do you happen to have another device such as an iPad or Mac that also has a copy of the messages?


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