Transfer to Photo Album to MacPro

Sep 18, 2022
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Since ITunes and IPhotos have been replaced I find new systems really frustrating - especially with photos.
I have loads of Albums on IPAD which sit under "From my Mac". I am trying to transfer all Albums intact.
Firstly using USB cable - can transfer photos to DropBox - but cannot see or identify Albums nor their contents.
Secondly using MacPro Photos - Import - nada.
Thirdly using MacPro Photos - Import all new photos - all of them - nada - only imports loose photos and not those from Albums.
Would like to use synchronise - but only one way - i.e. from IPad to Computer and not import from comp.

Any help welcome please
Nov 1, 2017
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The term, "From My Mac" describes those photos(in their Albums) that have been synced from your Mac to your iPad. Those photos should still be on your Mac unless: 1) you have deleted them from your Mac or 2) they were synced from a different Mac. If one of those is true, I'm not sure how they are still on your iPad, as they should have been removed during a sync.

In either case you can't sync them back to your Mac. Syncing only works Mac to iPad, not iPad to Mac(except for photos taken with your iPad).

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