Show copy progress when copying files via Automator

Jan 25, 2015
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I have set up an Automator app that launches/runs when I connect my mini video camera. It automatically renames files with a date/time stamp, moves the files to my movies folder, opens a Finder window showing the movie files, and then ejects the device (see attached screenshot).

The only problem is that while it moves several ~600MB chunks (up to 16GB total on a micro SD card), I have no indication of progress except for the blinking lights on the device, and eventually the device gets ejected when it's done. Even when I open the options for the 'Move' operation and check "Show this action when the workflow runs," it only shows me where the files are being moved and offers a checkbox to replace existing files (or not). It doesn't show the file progress.

How can I do a move operation with Automator and show the progress as it happens? A progress bar like I get when moving/copying with the Finder would be ideal, but even a terminal window with a plain-text "13% complete" message or something would be better than nothing at all.




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