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May 11, 2016
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I have an iMac (running 10.12.6) with a Super Drive, and a MacBook (running 10.11.6). I used to be able to play CDs and DVDs on both, but I am no longer able to. The drives accept a disc, spin it around a couple of times, and then eject. I have tried with DVD Player already loaded, and without - no difference.


Nov 14, 2012
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Many have successfully fixing Optical CD/DVD Drive on Mac or SuperDrive issues by deleting the Finder’s preference files.

Also holding down the command button while inserting the disk worked for a friend of mine.

Possibly try the following
A) Clean the SuperDrive’s slot with compressed gas/vacuum cleaner.
B) Reset the NVRAM/PRAM and SMC
Reset NVRAM and PRAM:
Shut down the computer. Holding down the Command (Apple), Option, P, and R and then hold the Power button simultaneously, 3 times and wait for 3 loud chimes.

If not then you may be able to source two new internal drives, but at a cost. Personally I would go for a couple of external usb drives.

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