Late 2009 27inch iMac GPU failing

May 29, 2015
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Hi, my iMac's GPU is failing. It will only load in safemode and then I get pink or green vertical stripes.

My question is, can I replace the GPU? I've heard some are soldered to the logic board and others are not.

If I can't, can I use it iMac as a monitor with my powerbook?

It seems like such a waste that the entire computer has to be trashed because of one component. 6 years is a long time, and I expected things to start going down soon, but the chipset is still be sold, and everything else is great.


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

I believe that iMac's graphics card is a separate part from the logic board. It can be replaced, but you basically have to disassemble most of the iMac to do it. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself...have an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider shop perform the repair, as it isn't a user-serviceable part.

You cannot use an iMac as a display with a PowerBook. In addition, you would need a functioning graphics card to see anything on the display even if you could.


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