iPhone 15 Pro Max Battery Health Dropped To 99% In Less Than A Month

Sep 18, 2022
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Concerned about issue with my new iPhone 15 Pro Max. My brother and I both bought this model when it was released in September. Initially, the phone was overheating, even while charging, and I noticed the battery drained quickly.

I charge my phone up to 85-95% and only go to 100% when I know I'll be out all day. Despite this, my battery health has dropped to 99% in less than two months. This seems insane and definitely not normal for a brand-new iPhone. Interestingly, my brother's phone, which he uses constantly, still shows 100% battery health.

I've contacted Apple, and their tests show everything is fine, but they can't explain why my battery health has dropped so quickly or why the battery drains so fast. My phone is updated to the latest iOS 17.1.

I've used iPhones since the 4s, and I've never experienced this kind of battery issue before. My old iPhone 13 Pro Max still had 83% battery health after two years, and I was able to go 1-2 days without needing to charge it.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Apple hasn't been very helpful and insists my phone is fine, despite the poor battery performance. I've tried shutting off all background app refresh, and it seems to help a bit, but the overall battery performance is still disappointing.

Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated. I'm really disappointed with Apple's response so far.

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