How to tell if a G5 is refurbished?

Oct 28, 2006
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I heard from a used Mac dealer that if a Mac computer is refurbished, most of them will have an "RM" added to the beginning of the serial number. Can anyone verify this? Does anyone have a refurbished Mac (especially a G5) with this on it?

Are there any other ways to tell if a G5 if refurbished?

I am planning on buying a used G5, but want to avoid a refurbished if possible. (I currently have 2 first gen G4s: one factory original and one refurbished. The refurbished one has always had a few glitches.)


Feb 6, 2006
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maybe thats just the refurbished mac you had ?
do remember that the powerpc macs are a thing of the past
the only ones you wil be able to buy are used ones and refurbished ones

usually refurbisged ones have been picked through with a fine toothed comb
and you wil get a warranty
with a used one your warranty ends the moment you step out the door

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