How nice 3.0 is! Share your "discoveries"

Sep 2, 2007
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I don't know about you folks, but I had no problem installing OS 3.0 on my iPhone last night (yup, first day it came out). Now, I'm beginning to enjoy the new things I'm "discovering" about this upgrade. I'd read a lot about so many new features, but it's still nice to see them in action. I love the horizontal keyboard and new voice memos app (that's a cool icon). Of course, since I'm already an XM radio subscriber, I download its application today. It works like a charm, too. My favorite of it all is Bluetooth stereo. I had a Motorola S9 headphone from my old phone and had to wait nearly 6 months to be able to use it on the iPhone. No more wires and stereo sound!!!

What else are you guys enjoying?


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