Gray vertical column on left hand side of the display of my MBP post-screen cleaning

Oct 25, 2017
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Hello, I think I badly messed up with my Retina MBP Mid-2014. I cleaned my screen by directly spraying a lense cleaning liquid and wiping with a microfibre cloth. It worked like usual, till I woke up my laptop from sleep and noticed a gray column on the left-hand side of the display. It seems to be a loose lcd/wire issue, so I have tried applying pressure but didn't really do much. The issue with going to Apple is that I'm out of warranty and they will simply suggest to replace the screen for what is hopefully a minor issue. Besides this screen is brand new and was just replaced in-warranty 6-8 months back iirc. What do you think is the best course of action?

Images of my screen and the offending cleaning liquid are here:

This happened yesterday, and the dots visible are gone now. It's just a grey strip with light horizontal lines in light backgrounds, and a shadow/lingering image of a random website on dark backgrounds. I can update more pictures if interested.

Thank you! :)

Edit: Another thing, my display was just replaced under AppleCare a few months back, but it's out of coverage now. But does the replaced part itself have a separate 1 year warranty? Should I go in and check with an Apple Store? India doesn't have any Consumer Protection Laws, so they are definitely not bound to it.
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Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

That looks like some of the cleaning fluid got into the case and may have damaged the display panel and/or connector. Unfortunately, any replacement warranty wouldn't cover accidental/liquid damage.

As you have found out, never spray any cleaning fluid directly on any part of your Mac. Always slightly dampen the cleaning cloth itself.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,


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