Colors (Background, Text, Folders, etc.) All Changed By Themselves ? Help Please

Dec 28, 2017
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Am Sr. Citizen now, very, and not very sharp with these kind of things, anymore.
Would be most grateful for any help.
Is this the correct Forum for the following ?

Always "something,"
Have an iMac, and running Ventura. Desktop is a few years old.
Always worked fine.

This am, wow !

The background colors, the Folder and Text colors are all wrong.
Some items have the colors reversed for text and background.
Totally messed up. Happened while we all were sleeping, but pc was on.

I have been to most every color adjustment in Settings, etc., but nothing works.
I may have missed some, but, frankly, I think I tried all there are.

Also, My MS WORD and Excel won't work (normally) anymore.
Most of the other Apps do, but with colors all messed up and reversed.

Sees like a really major glitch.

Any idea what might have happened ?
Virus ?
HD glitch ?

Any way of getting everything back to the way it was ?

I see that I have Time Machine, which I guess I installed when I purchased the mac.
Would it help me get back ?
I also have CC Cloner.
Never looked at, or used, either.

Would be most apprciaive for any thoughts and/or suggestions.


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