Clean install El Capitan, Unable to boot from USB

Dec 6, 2016
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Im currently using Mavericks on my Macbook Pro. Decided i want to upgrade to El Capitan. Made a bootable Capitan USB stick, restarted my Macbook, but it wont boot from my USB stick. Instead it insists to give me option to re-install Mavericks. But that is not either possible, since its not avaiable on Appstore.

So thats why i made a bootable USB on my PC, since this is the only way to solve this issue. But still wont boot and im stuck with Mavericks re-install screen on bootup.

How can i solve this?


Sep 17, 2014
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I have never done this, as I make SuperDuper! backups to an external SSD for each of my Macs, and such backups are bootable. That could be another option you might consider. But, this link explains how to make such a bootable El Capitan installer drive, and how you boot your Mac from it:

I assume you have already downloaded the file entitled "Install OS X El Capitan" from the App store. It is best to make a copy of that file in another location. Also, not sure if that download from the App Store is the last version of El Capitan, OS 10.11.6. If it is anything less than V10.11.6, you can subsequently download and install the OS 10.11.6 Combo Updater from here:

I assume you know that for any third party apps you use, that they need to be compatible with El Capitan. Myself, I have 5 such apps (I needed to insure they were compatible with Sierra before I recently "upgraded" from El Capitan (also did the same last year in upgrading to El Capitan)). Those apps are:

Office 2016
TechTool Pro

(For the Sierra upgrade, there was a 6th one, the Logitech Control Center software for my Logitech mice)

Another option is this:

(It looks like there is a version of Diskmaker X for Sierra, which is what I am running now).
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