can someone pls help ive got mac g4 pb 10.4.11

Aug 18, 2014
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my mac has changed since my mother forgot her password i reset it by holding down command and the s key setup new account for her and me and deleted the old 1 but since then wen i go 2 finder i used 2 hav more options like opera ect and the icons along the bottom hav changed its now more bassic i done the reset cos i was trying 2 get it 2 download as it stopped me from doing so anyway my brother set it up few yrs back and everything was fine untill recently i havnt got the install disks and cant ask my brother as he is nolonger here as he died its letting me download now but i wld like it back 2 way it used 2 be i only use my laptop for basic net surfing as im not that clued up about these things any help wld be relly helpful thanks in advance


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