backups.backupdb extraction

Nov 20, 2017
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Hello everyone,

While updating to High-Sierra, my Mac stopped working, couldn't restart previous system and I needed to re-install iOs. I have a clean-Sierra now but with all data lost. As I had a backup (external drive, not Time Capsule), I tried to re-install but I couldn't, says there is a problem with my backup- which I can not understand. I couldn't install anything from my backup. I have only one chance left. When I look in backup, there is a file "backup.backupdb" and I guess my all files (photos,musics etc) are in that file. And also the size is 280 GB, which makes sense. But I can not open it.

Does any of you know how can I extract existing files from that folder? Any tricky way or helpful app to get them?

I'd really appreciate, otherwise I'll lost all my 10 years history.


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