TechTool Deluxe & more?

Nov 6, 2013
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I bought this iMac in late 2009 with Leopard on it. Newby. It came with a TechTool Deluxe disc so I ran it every once in a while, and it said "no problem." Then a yr. or 2 later, I put Snow Leopard on it. Sometime later, I ran the TechTool that came with Leopard and it said the Volume Structure failed. I can't find the date I did this, but I went on my merry way. I may have problems??:

I normally leave this computer on unless I go somewhere or there's a brownout or thunderstorm......every once in a while when I boot up (or even restart) it sits on the blue screen for a long time. Once it got stuck on a gray screen for a couple of hours, and a couple of weeks ago, it got seriously stuck on a gray screen with a question mark. No books I have tell anything about this. I just kept turning it off and on every once in a while, manually obviously, and finally it came out of it. What's this about??

Sometimes my disc drive starts up and goes on & on for 15 minutes. Or it'll do it a few times here and there. It works great though, as though it's exercising. Before it started doing this, I had a bit of trouble with it spitting out the disc or disc getting stuck in it. I blow it out occasionally (NOT sticking can up close, just common sense) and it'll stop all this for awhile. I read disc drives shouldn't be on their edge....our MacBook disc drive, one yr. younger, works great.


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