Tanki online lag

Jan 5, 2016
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First thing to say, is that I recently bought my son a macbook but I have to admit that I have until now been a PC user. I figured this purchase for my son could be the introduction he and I need to be able to use both systems or even move over to mac if we prefer it.

The macbook my son is using to play his favourite online MMO (tanki online) is equipped with much better hardware than his mother's PC laptop which he used to play the game on with no problems, but the game lags terribly on the macbook.

The OS is OS X El Capitan.

The browser is Safari.

The hardware isn't exactly brand new (it's a reconditioned macbook pro - reconditioned by someone who does that for a living) but it is decent kit:

I'm more than confident that the laptop should be able to handle this game with its eyes closed. It has

an Nvidia GeForce 9600m gt graphics chip/card (GPU) (with dedicated onboard half gig RAM)
dual core CPU 2.66 GHz

This totally trounces his mother's PC laptop but yet the game lags.

I watched a DVD movie on it earlier and it was incredibly sharp, zero glitches or lags/hangings/stalls. Utterly smooth from start to finish. It's the best kit we have for watching films now. In fact everything else I do with it is incredibly fast, clear and in fact I am really rather jealous. It's better than my PC laptop too.

What might be wrong with the setup or settings to cause the game to lag.

Thanks in advance

yachty (not yachts - damn spell corrector)

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

-Is it a MacBook or MacBook Pro?
-Which exact model?
-What is the speed of your Internet service?
-Are other apps running?
-Do any other online game sites work better?
-Is Adobe Flash updated to the latest version?
-Have you tried Firefox or Google Chrome?
-Do you have any anti-virus or apps like MacKeeper/CleanMyMac installed?

The game is a bit laggy on my MBP as well.


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