Script to build audiobook from watch folder

Nov 1, 2014
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Hi, I want to build a script to do the following;

1. Watch a folder for folders and files.
2a. If it's a folder, get the id3 tags of the audio files and look up possible book matches on Amazon.
2b. If it's a file, do the same but just for that single file.
3. Show the user the ID3 information and the lookup information and ask which of the possible candidates is the right match
4. When a proper match is made, get all the required id3 info from Amazon convert the media to an audiobook (m4b) format with individual audiofiles as chapters.
5. create suitable folder name for author and title in library tree
6. move converted audiobook to destination
7. repeat for each separate folder copied to watch folder

I have been searching for something like this for months - either in an app like a music player or a script or a combination thereof. No luck so I have decided to give it a go myself.

My only previous experience programming is Apple basic in high school 25 years ago but I was pretty good at it. What would you suggest my next steps would be? lol other than giving up of course!

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