Only half of my iPhone photos appear in Image Capture on iMac? Optimise iPhone Storage was enabled?

May 20, 2016
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I usually transfer my photos from my iPhone to my mac (and then onto my external hard drive) using Image Capture. Usually when I connect my iphone to my mac, Image Capture opens and all of my iPhone images will appear. However only some of my iPhone images are appearing just now, not all of them (I have just over 4500, only about 2000 are showing).

I thought I had figured out the problem in that I had turned on "Optimise iPhone Storage" since I had last transferred files. I turned this off, but still, not all of my images are appearing in Image Capture or Adobe Bridge. I've also made 4GB worth of free space on my iPhone in order for it to have all of the previously optimised images as full size as I thought this was the problem. More of my images have appeared, but still not all of them.

Its my last 5 months of photos that I would like to transfer, but the images that are loading in Image Capture are all from last year, with the exception of photos from the last week or two. Any ideas on why it's doing this and how I can get all of my images onto my Mac/ext hard drive?

Thank you!

(ps, iMac is running OSx El Capitan and iPhone 5s is running iOS 9.2.1)


Nov 14, 2012
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I might be wrong but I thought to conserve storage space, Photo Stream only stores your last 30 days of photos and lets you collect up to 1,000 on your iPhone.

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