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Oct 23, 2016
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Hi, I have a 2005 Mac desktop that is a 10.6.8 running Snow Leopard, a 5s iPhone and an old iPod that I recently bought to store music. I hope you can help me with some of my questions.

My first question is whether I should just give up and get a new desktop. The details of mine are: 216 GHz Intel Core 2 duo; 3 GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM.

It has a media slot and I've uploaded all my music onto it.

I generally don't use Safari because there are too many websites that don't accept my version anymore and I can't update mine past Snow Leopard. I use Firefox, but I can no longer update to the latest version. I can't update Adobe Flash now either and that means I can't see a lot of images & videos.

It can be slow at times, mainly because it gets hung up on Firefox. In my preferences, I say no pop-up ads, but they seem to come anyway. Or, at least, I'll notice everything has slowed down and then when I close a window, I'll see there's an ad site behind it that I never opened.

Anyway, what say ye all? Should I stop fighting and save up to get a new one? I don't have a lot of money and so a new one would really set me back. I'm retired on disability but I do a lot of research and writing online.



Jun 13, 2007
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Hi, there are no dumb questions here ... you have the same mac as I & I am also retired on disability so I will try to help you. You can upgrade to Lion 10.7.5 but that is as far as you can go ... AdBlock Plus is a free extension that should take care of the pop-up ads if you click on Tools in the Firefox menu, then go to Add-Ons you can search & install AdBlock Plus.

You can purchase Mac OS X Lion here (link)

Ask away if you need anymore help. By all means purchasing a new mac would solve the issue & you wouldn't believe the advances that have been made since we purchased our iMacs, 10 years can see a lot of changes in the world of tech.

I'm hoping to finally upgrade to a new iMac in the next 6 months because mine is just ridiculously slow, I do a lot of audio processing & would love to have more RAM than the 3Gb I currently have. When I installed the 3GB it seemed to be wonderful but not anymore.

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