NEW 2023 Mac Mini m2 pro - External HD's Wont Mount.

Sep 17, 2023
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All research done thus far indicates that I have to create a MOUNTING point via the terminal.
I've watched several videos and have tried unsuccessfully duplicate what I have seen with no success. The "help" @ the mac store wasn't helpful at all. They don't provide ANY tech support for the software installed on their products ie the Os.

BOTH drives are NEW..... 1 drive is 14tb formatted for mac the other ext drive 10tb, is formatted for ExFat. The new mac ext drive is partitioned into 5 sections. ALL sections are visible on the desktop EXCEPT 1 (movies that aren't in the Q time format). You can see it in the disk utility but not on the main screen. It is not assessable and unmountable. The 10tb drive formatted in ExFat cant be mounted . You can only see it. Using the repair feature will not do anything. It provides an error code.

I dnt have this problem on my 2019 REGULAR mbp.

BOTH Ext HDD's are Western Digital
May 7, 2023
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More info is needed on these.

On the 14TB drive, you say that it is formated for Mac. Is it set as APFS or MacOS Extended and is the partitioning scheme GUID?
Is the drive partitioned into defined sizes,, or are there multiple volumes if set for APFS?
What is the name of the partition that won't mount.
Can you provide a screenshot of Disk Utility with the partition that wont mount highlighted?

On the 10TB drive, what is the error code that you see? is this an empty drive that can be reformatted?
Also, can you provide a screenshot of Disk Utility with the 10TB drive selected. (Make sure that you have Show All Devices selected under the View menu in Disk Utility.

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